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Comment of NAR: About the communication of left organisations

Comment of the Committee on International Issues of the NAR for the Communist Liberation: we estimate that the statement of Revolutionary Left of the Middle East and Europe (SWP, NPA, e.t.c.) is governed by a triple belittling of essential issues which has political consequences in the analysis of the situation, but also in the orientation of the movement

Türkiye ve Yunanistan Halklarına Ortak Açıklama

NAR, Yunanistan - EMEP, Türkiye: Halkların kardeşliği, birliği, dayanışması ve birleşik mücadelesi emperyalizm ve uluslararası gericiliğin ve saldırganlığının üstesinden gelmenin biricik yoludur. Arkasında, halklara yönelik saldırganlığıyla emperyalizmin alaycı yüzünün sırıttığı Ankara katliamı, sadece terör çetesi olarak...

NAP: For the unspeakable bloody bombing in Ankara

The New Left Current for the Communist Liberation denounces the unspeakable bloody bombing during the gathering of unions, left-wing organizations and the labour movement in Ankara today, shortly before the planned massive rally of the Turkish organisations, claiming back the peace, against the war and fascism.

"Es gibt keine Alternative in diesem System“

Interviw mit Eirini Iliopoulou, linke Aktivistin und aktiv im linksradikalen Bündnis ANTARSYA. Jan Ronahi hatte die Gelegenheit, sie zu den aktuellen Entwicklungen und dem Stand der Debatte in Griechenland zu interviewen.

NAR: Announcement about the Referendum

NAR: Announcement about the political developments and the Referendum. Our “NO” is dynamic and militant. It Is: “NO” to the shameful proposals of the lenders and “NO” to the new anti-labour storm. “NO” to the anti-popular proposals of the SYRIZA government and “NO” to the memoranda. “NO” to the Eurozone, to the EU

NAR: Message to the Lugansk anti-fascist, internationalist Forum

On behalf of the New Left Current (NAR) for the Communist Liberation we are sending you our warmest comradely greetings. We are proud for the antifascist struggle and the role of the communist forces in the heroic resistance in Donbass. The stance towards the popular antifascist struggle shapes the character of the Left and the workers' movement globally

ΝΑΡ: Salutation to the heroic Kurdish fighters of the Kobane resistance

NAR: We salute the thousands heroic Kurdish fighters for their proud victory. The peoples’ fair struggle all over the world for peace and freedom, against fascism, imperialism and every other force of oppression and exploitation comes through the Kobane and Eastern Ukraine’s battles.

ANTARSYA: Announcement for the results of the Greek elections

ANTARSYA: The results is a heavy defeat for the reactionary government forces ND and PASOK. The result of the political collaboration of ANTARSYA-MARS is a positive one. Now, the struggles must are linked with the program of the anti-capitalist overthrow in the context of a left, labor and popular opposition.


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