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Capitalism and nation-state, the threat of nationalism today

The relation between the national, the international and the classy issue, is always connected with the formation of the classy relations in capitalism and especially with the combined but also uneven growth of capitalism. Capitalism can only grow in every country, smaller or bigger (using the labor class), but always uneven

NAR: Condemnation of the military intervention in Afrin

We condemn the act of Turkey to invade Syria against a people who fights for its existence, but also the “dirty” role of Russian and American imperialist powers. we voice our internationalist solidarity with the Kurdish militants and the struggling people of Afrin.

The bourgeois democracy of EU and it’s member-states … perishes - also - in Catalonia

NAR: We stand together with the struggling Catalan people, we support their inexplicable right to be able to decide democratically and unilaterally for their future. For a movement of auto-determination and independence which connects the internationalist struggle against the capital and capitalism, that seeks to unite the people

Catalonia: ANTARSYA denounces the extreme authoritarianism and the totalitarian actions of the Spanish government

ANTARSYA sends a message of internationalist solidarity to the party of the radical left, CUP and its militants and demands the immediate stop of the siege of the national guard in its offices. We demand from the Spanish government to stop the oppression against the political freedom

Lexit Statement on the Leave Vote

The Leave vote is above all else a rejection of the entire political establishment by millions of working class people who have been left to suffer austerity for decades with few defenders among the mainstream parties. This is now a social crisis of the first order. End austerity now!

ANTARSYA UK calls for a Left Leave from the European Union

The EU is not the Europe of people but a union in favour of capital. It is not reformed, only overthrown. Let’s do it! ANTARSYA UK has decided to fully back and participate in the LEXIT campaign, as part of the internationalist duty. The anti-EU and the anti-capitalist struggle are interconnected.

ANTARSYA welcomes the LEXIT Campaign

ANTARSYA welcomes the establishment of the LEXIT campaign – the Left Leave Campaign- and considers it a necessary weapon for the defeat of the government policies of austerity in the UK and throughout Europe. ANTARSYA will be on the side of the LEXIT campaign as part of the internationalist duty to foster the unity of the people fighting against the EuroCapital.

NAP: For the brutal attacks of the Turkish state in the Kurdish areas

NAR for the communist liberation and NKA condemn the brutal attacks of the Turkish state in the Kurdish areas of the country's south. For months army tanks fielded in combat positions in the major Kurdish cities.


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