NAR: Announcement about the Referendum

NAR for the Communist Liberation: Announcement about the political developments and the Referendum

1. The Greek government’s 5-month long negotiations with troika showed clearly that the IMF, the EU and the Eurozone only mean austerity, massive unemployment, the selling-off of public wealth, disgraceful international superintendence  and the undermining of the people’s sovereignty. The deeply reactionary nature of these institutions, which serve above all the interests of banks, multinational corporations and the Capital witch they represent, is now clearer than ever to every worker.

The announcement by the Greek Government of a referendum on the creditors’ proposal” happened under the pressure of the people’s will to put a stop to these policies. At the same time it shows that the new government’s policy ofneither defiance, nor submission” has reached a complete deadlock. It shows that an anti-memorandum policy inside the Eurozone and the EU, inside the frame of the euro-treaties and capital’s domination is an illusion.

2. The refusal by the EU/IMF/Capital’s reactionary front, to even consider making a statement about debt restructuring, which would have given the chance to the Greek government to politically handle an agreement, their persistence to ever more harsh anti-labour measures in favour of the capital, led to the failure of the negotiations. The EU-IMF-Capital’s reactionary front aims to continue the same harsh exploitative policy in Greece, while punishing Greek people for their struggles and their choices. It seeks to show to the rest of the European people that there is no alternative to being slaves of the capitalist EU and their institutions. All supporters of the logic “stay in the Eurozone and the EU whatever it takes”, have launched a fierce attack, terrorising and preaching submission in order to safeguard their interests.

3. The search of an “Honourable compromise”, inside the boundaries of the Eurozone and the EU, led the Greek government to an unacceptable proposal of humiliating subjugation, something that the anti-capitalistic left in Greece had been warning about for months.

SYRIZA and ANEL’s government not only didn’t tear apart the memorandum and didn’t fulfil popular demands and claims, but forfeited its own program. It acknowledged and served the usurers’ and the lenders’ unfair and illegal debt (paying them 8 billion euros in five months) and found itself proposing another anti-labour agreement, (their latest proposal of 47 pages and its detrimental adjustments) which constitutes a new memorandum.

4. Even today, the government considers the referendum as part of the continuing negotiations for an “Honourable compromise” inside the “common European edifice”, in which Greece constitutes, as they say, an “integral part”. The Greek government seeks a “YES” to their own agreement proposal, a “YES” to their 47-page memorandum of anti-labour harsh measures. We will never allow an interpretation of the “NO” as an acceptance of further negotiations with the slaughterhouse of EU’s institutions and as an alibi for a new memorandum.

5. The substance of “NO” by the workers the youth and the people is different. It stands against the hateful, bourgeois, submissive "YES" of the plutocracy, against Samaras and Theodorakis, against the “Stay in Europe” movement, against new barbarian memoranda.

Our “NO” is dynamic and militant. It Is:
  • “NO” to the shameful proposals of the lenders and “NO” to the new anti-labour storm
  • “NO” to the anti-popular proposals of the government and “NO” to the memoranda and the continuation of capitalistic brutality
  • “NO” to the Eurozone, to the EU, to the troikas and their “institutions”
  • “NO” to all anti-labour memorandum laws, to unemployment and austerity
  • “NO” to privatisations and the bankers’ domination
  • “NO” to unfair taxation, to the violation of the people’s sovereignty and democracy
For the organised people and their resolute struggle to become the main protagonist in future developments.  Resisting the politics of fear and terror. For the failure of every effort of neutralising popular anger.

6. We invite the youth to raise a proud, rebellious, majestic "No" with massive, social and political struggles for the overturn of the system, but also in any ballot box wherever and whenever erected.

For the counterattack of the people’s movement; for the big “YES” to the alternative of determined defiance of the EU – IMF; for the anti-capitalist subversion of the reactionary’s front’s attack. For the immediate satisfaction of labour and popular demands; for the end to the debt repayments; for the extrication from the Eurozone and the EU; for the nationalisation of the banks and large corporations without compensation and under workers' control; for the attack against the Capital’s profits, wealth and power. For a new Spring of the social and democratic rights of our people; for an internationalist message of resistance, dignity and liberation to all the people of Europe and the World.
  • DEFIANCE - NO agreement with the slaughterhouse of EU
  • WE CAN LIVE without debt, EU, IMF, EURO and capital domination
NAR for the Communist Liberation, Athens, 28.6.2015